External Advisory Committee

External Advisory Committee

The COBRE External Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of 5 leading internationally recognized investigators in redox biology and/or cardiovascular disease. The EAC monitors and evaluates COBRE progress and development. Members of the external advisory committee represent a broad spectrum of redox biology and cardiovascular research expertise including basic and clinical sciences that will benefit the current projects, as well as future ones from the junior faculty ‘Bench’.

The EAC meets with the COBRE PI, project and core leaders, Mentor Committee, and the IAC on a biannual basis. Each Spring, members of the EAC participate in a teleconference session hearing from the COBRE PI and project leaders regarding overall progress. Information collected from quarterly reports is compiled and sent to EAC members to review before the Spring teleconference. Each Fall, members of the EAC travel to LSU Health Shreveport to attend the Annual Redox Biology and Cardiovascular Disease Colloquium and to meet with COBRE leaders and participants in a face-to-face setting. The EAC receives compiled quarterly and annual reports submitted by project leaders, as well as minutes from the quarterly Mentor Committee and IAC meetings in order to monitor progress between semiannual meetings.

The EAC is closely involved in the selection of new COBRE projects, including the selection of pilot grant projects. EAC members receive semi-annual progress updates from potential ‘Bench’ projects to keep them apprised of developments that will be useful for evaluation and selection of new COBRE project leaders. EAC members are also involved in the review and selection of submitted pilot grants.

EAC Members

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