Malcolm Feist Predoctoral Fellowship Program

SPRING 2019 APPLICATIONS – Deadline Date 04/03/19 – 5:00 p.m.


  1. Applicants must be enrolled in the Ph.D. program at LSUHSC-S and their dissertation proposal must be approved by their research advisory committee prior to submission of this application.
  1. The Malcolm Feist Predoctoral Fellowship award supports research in the area of cardiovascular sciences, the Carroll Feist Predoctoral Fellowship award supports research in the area of cancer biology, while the Ike Muslow Predoctoral Fellowship award is intended for students not working in either cardiovascular or cancer projects.
  1. Initial duration of support is for one year. Up to two renewal applications (each of one year duration) will be considered for a maximum duration of support of three years. The Cardiovascular Board will only fund 1 pre-doctoral trainee and 1 post-doctoral trainee per mentor during the same time period.
  1. New applications (limited to 10 pages) will contain the following sections: specific aims, background/significance, research design/methods. The application should also include biosketches for the applicant (student) and the sponsor (major research advisor), a copy of the student’s most recent transcript, the signed dissertation committee document approving the student’s research proposal, and a letter of support from the sponsor.
  1. The letter of support from the student’s major research advisor (sponsor) should clarify the role that the applicant played in the development of the proposal, the relationship of the proposed project to ongoing research in the sponsor’s laboratory, and how the project will contribute toward the training and career development of the applicant.
  1. If an initial original application is unsuccessful, applicants may submit one revision of that application. Revised applications must include a clearly marked introduction (limited to one page) indicating the changes that have been made in response to the reviewers’ critiques. Applications that do not include such an introduction will be returned to the applicant without consideration.
  1. Renewal applications (following support of an initial application) are limited to three pages and should include an assessment by the sponsor of the student’s progress and accomplishments of the previous year. In addition, the student must provide an outline of the goals and expected progress in the coming year.
  1. A completed and signed Application Routing Sheet for Intramural Predoctoral Fellowships must be submitted with the application. The ARS form is located at the end of this application.
  1. Electronic submissions, along with 1 copy of the original signature page and completed ARS are required for all grant applications. Please see instructions on each award on this submission process.

Malcolm Feist Predoctoral Fellowship Award (Initial Application)

Funding level:  $28,000

Objective: Provide stipend support for senior graduate students

Eligibility: Ph.D. students whose dissertation proposals have been approved by their doctoral advisory committee are eligible.

Application: NIH RO1 application format should be used for the initial application. Total pages (single spaced) of research plan cannot exceed 10 pages. An additional 2 pages may be included for literature cited. Arial Font 11 to be used throughout the application.

Application Plan: The research plan must reflect experiments designed to test the dissertation hypotheses as approved by the doctoral advisory committee.

Restrictions on award funds: Awarded funds can only be used for stipend support. Two renewal applications may be submitted, for a total funding duration of three years.